Friday, 2 August 2013

Preferred Way To Earn Money Online

Introducing The Next Generation Adsense Replacement
ClickBank AD Box Special Edition! 

Thanks to this powerful script you can now effortlessly promote any of the 6000+ products available in the ClickBank Database.

This is incredibly easy to install on your site and the package includes full instructions - You'll be up and running in less than five minutes.

You can choose from fifteen different ad styles to match your site - banners, boxes, skyscrapers and link ads in horizontal and vertical configurations..

 Don't be fooled by other products. Don't accept the LITE version imitations.

This is a full featured product with nothing else to by or membership to join.

Other products trick you into buying only to find out that you need to purchase tools or plug-ins to keep your data up-to-date or mask your links or find out later that the product is run from their server.

With ClickBank AD Box Special Edition , YOU host the software, YOU host the ClickBank data, YOU create the ads.

ClickBank AD Box Special Edition contains everything you need to stay current with ClickBank's inventory of product offerings.

Search engines will not penalize you for using ClickBank Ad Box on your site. ClickBank AD Box will not saturate your site with outbound affiliate links.

All ClickBank AD Box links are hidden in a Javascript code and point to a file on your website, not someone else's.

The Benefits of ClickBank Ad Box Special Edition

*You own the complete software package and scripts
*You host the ClickBank data with no MySQL required
*You update ClickBank data with a click of the mouse
*You create the ads and paste the code in your pages
*Your links are masked to prevent commission theft
*Your links are not displayed in the webpage source

Here is how ClickBank AD Box Special Editon Works:

1. Select the style of ad you wish to create. Choose from 15 sizes and shapes.

2. Select a border and background color that will compliment your site's look.

3. Enter a keyword or subject to create the ads or target your  website audience.

4. Click 'Create Ad Code' to show you a preview of your ad and the website code.

5. Copy and paste the code into your web page and you are up and running.

Here are examples of the actual ads that you can create:

Ads Created In Less Than 30 Seconds Using ClickBank AD Box Professional

ClickBank AD Box Special Editon  is the ultimate low maintenance passive income generator - just set it up and forget it - it can automatically synchronize with the ClickBank Marketplace products so you will always be offering the latest, most popular and highest paying CB products available.

Passive income is the preferred way to earn money online and ClickBank Ad Box Special Edition is an excellent marketing tool for anyone with a website!

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